Firstly, IT’S FREE!! It costs you nothing to do, yes that’s right NOTHING!

Not only that, you can actually make some money from selling your designs too, what we like to call profit.
Create your campaign by uploading your own design. Set a sales target for your campaign; share it with people you know as well as the rest of the Internet!

If your campaign is successful and you hit your target, we will print them and send them to your buyers. It’s as simple as that!

Have you got a design that you’ve looked at before and thought "I wonder what that would look like on a tee?".

Are you doing some charity fundraising and want to raise some money by promoting what you’re doing?

Got a Hen/Stag do coming up and you want to kit out your party with a bespoke design?

Then what are you waiting for... DESIGN YOUR T-SHIRT NOW!
We request at least 3000x3000px PNG files with 300dpi.
This all depends on how much profit you wish to make. Our clever website works it all out for you and will let you know how much profit you can make from each campaign, depending on it’s selling price and what you’ve set your target to.

The base price is how much it costs us to produce.
You decide how many T-Shirts you think you’ll be able to sell. The higher you set your target, the more profit you’ll make. Minimum target is 5, maximum target is, well... if you’re feeling really optimistic then as many as you like!

If you want your T-Shirts to be delivered in time for an event, then keep this in mind when setting your campaign length.
This box is the opportunity to help sell your campaign! If there's a story behind your design then add it here. You can also add in links and images to make it even more interesting to read.
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 days

The longer your campaign is live, the more time you get to share your design with the world and who knows, you may even go beyond your original target!
Shout about it!!! Tell the Internet about what you've just created.
You can indeed! Simply click on the pencil next to your campaign in your dashboard, you’ll be able to edit both your campaign title and description.
You have two options:

1. You continue to sell more until your campaign finishes

2. You can choose to end your campaign early within your campaign settings
In your Dashboard you will see a ‘Get Paid’ link. This is where you can request the profit you made from your campaign.
We pay all profit into your PayPal account. Just a note, PayPal will take a fee of £0.21 + 3.4% of the total amount.
We use both Screen and Digital printing methods here at TeeShout. We have access to the best printers in the industry, giving you a high quality consistent print.

A campaign that hits a target of 20+ will be Screen Printed. Campaign that hits a target under 20, or has 10+ colours in the design will be Digitally Printed.
We're based in the UK, but we deliver world wide!
UK £2.50 for first item £0.50 for each additional item
Europe £3.50 for first item £1.00 for each additional item
Everywhere else £4.50 for first item £2.00 for each additional item
All campaigns will be dispatched no later than 5 working days after the campaign ends successfully. The delivery time after dispatch will be 2-3 days within the UK, 3-6 days within Europe and 4-8 days to everywhere else.
We accept all payments via PayPal.
You will only be charged if a campaign is successful. If a campaign fails to reach it’s target, payment will not be taken.

Do make sure you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account for when the campaign you have reserved ends.

If paying via PayPal Guest, do make sure you enter your payment details correctly.

If payment cannot be collected when the campaign ends, your order will not be printed.
I still don't get it, how do I contact you?
If you have an issue with your order or any other question not covered in this FAQ,
please email support@teeshout.co.uk or get in touch via Twitter or our Facebook Page.